ELINET’s Research Reports are available

ELINET’s Research Reports are available

Enhancing Digital Literacy Skills of Children in Early and Primary Years’ Education

Members of the ELINET Association are delighted to share the publications they have prepared.

Enhancing Digital Literacy Skills: Good Practices for Early and Primary Years Education. This comprehensive report gives an overview about relevant studies concerning the development of digital skills of children, addressing age groups of 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 years. You can download it here

Also, available is a shorter version of this report with recommendations. Using digital tools and experiences to improve comprehension and expression in young children: a review of the empirical evidence. You can download it here

These two research reports provide the foundational knowledge for the “Framework of Good Practice in Enhancing Digital Literacy Skills in Early and Primary Years’ Education” which we will develop in a forthcoming paper. The framework will contain research-based recommendations for educating pre-school and primary school children.

In addition, this framework will integrate the collection of Good Practice Examples which we have collected from our global colleagues. These examples have already been reviewed and published on our website. See here

These are living documents. The authors are interested in hearing from you. Please send your comments, feedback, and information about newer research studies to any/all the authors.



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