Elinet Conferences

During the funding period of the ELINET project by the European Commission (2014 – 2016), ELINET organized three big conferences which are documented on the former ELINET website.

All conferences or conference contributions which were organized by the ELINET Association since 2017 are documented on the new website.

  • 2017: ELINET Symposium at the European Conference on Literacy in Madrid
  • 2018: ELINET Symposium in Cologne
  • 2019: ELINET Contributions to the European Conference on Literacy in Copenhagen. All the Elinet presentations you can see here.
  • 2020  ELINET at the  4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy  in Tallinn, Estonia.

Other conferences

  • PISA and Beyond Conference explores new PISA 2018 results. Helsinki, December 9th, 2019
    • See comment on this conference by Sari Sulkunen, board member Elinet here
  • 4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy and General Assembly Elinet. 16-21 January, 2020 in Tallinn, Estonia.
    • Report will be here soon 
  • World Literacy Summit, one of the largest world gatherings of  international literacy and education specialists,  held at Oxford University (UK) from April 5-8, 2020.
    • due to Covid-19 this conference took place only online. The report of the Elinet contribution will be published soon. 
  • Conference Language Education for Social Justice. University of Jyväskylä, Finland, June 1−3, 2020
    • The Language Education for Social Justice conference that was scheduled for June 2020 has been postponed due to Covid-19. The conference will take place from June 1-3, 2021 in Jyväskylä, Finland. All accepted papers, colloquia, workshops, roundtable discussions and rants will stay accepted, unless the participants prefer to cancel their presentation. Also all four keynote speakers have agreed to join us also in 2021. For details, see the website:
  • Conference on History Teaching and Disciplinary Literacy. University of Jyväskylä, Finland, on June 4−5, 2020
    • Conference Making Sense of History scheduled for June 4-5, 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19.
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