Conferences/ Symposia

Conferences/ Symposia

Conferences with ELINET contributions

Dates Place Activity Representer(s) ELINET More info
September 8, 2021 Zagreb, Croatia Conference Digital literacy and strategies for digital inclusion Jeroen Clemens here

June 1−3, 2020

Jyväskylä, Finland.
Conference Language Education for Social Justice
ELINET organized a colloquium in which we introduced a framework for what digital literacy means for children ages 0-10
ELINET Board & Members more info here.
May 12 and 13 2021 Cyprus 4th International Conference ‘Literacy and Contemporary Society. Transitions in Digital Learning’ Fabio Nascimbeni, Jeroen Clemens info here.
November 19, 2020 Moscow The Reading Association of Russia. The 6th International Conference Reading and Literacy in Education and Culture: Letters in Digits Colin Harrison, Bill Brozo, Jeroen Clemens Click here

April 5-8, 2020

Oxford University (UK)

World Literacy Summit, one of the largest world gatherings of international literacy and education specialists

Dorothee Gaile Click here

December 9th, 2019


PISA and Beyond Conference explores new PISA 2018 results

Sari Sulkunen

Comments by Sari Sulkunen  Click here

January, 16-19 2020 Tallinn, Estonia

4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy
& General Assembly Elinet.

ELINET executive board & members here

Elinet Conferences & Symposia

  • 2014: ELINET conference in Vienna
  • 2015: ELINET conference in Budapest
  • 2016: ELINET conference in Amsterdam
  • 2017: ELINET Symposium at the European Conference on Literacy in Madrid
  • 2018: ELINET Symposium in Cologne
  • 2019: ELINET Contributions to the European Conference on Literacy in Copenhagen. You can see the Elinet presentations here.
  • 2020  ELINET symposium at the  4th Baltic Sea Conference on Literacy in Tallinn, Estonia.
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