Good Practices

Good Practices


Raising literacy levels in Europe by helping improve literacy policies – this is our objective at ELINET. If we want to inspire change in literacy policies, we need to build on the dedicated work concepts already put in place by literacy professionals in schools, libraries, or volunteer organisations.

Up to now we have gathered more than 100 examples of good practice in the domains proposed by the EU High Level Group Report of Experts on Literacy :

  • Creating a literate environment
  • Improving the quality of teaching
  • Increasing participation, inclusion and equity.

If you are interested in sharing a sample of your work with a European audience, the ELINET website will be a prominent place to promote your good practice on a Europe-wide scale.
We are actively looking for projects, programmes or policies across all age-groups: children (0- 10 or 12 year-olds), adolescents (10/12-18 year-olds) and adults (16-65 year-olds). ELINET is particularly concerned with disadvantaged and struggling readers and writers.

European Framework of Good Practice

The European Framework of Good Practice is the result of collaboration among more than 100 literacy experts, researchers, and practitioners. We hope that it will inspire the development and improvement of European literacy policies. Read more about the ELINET Framework of Good Practices

Examples of Good Practice

A collection of Good Practices in raising literacy will be available soon. Thanks to a thorough peer-review process, we are happy to present to you a selection of Good Practice examples with the aim of increasing access for all European citizens to literacy provision. Use the filters Country, Age Group and Policy Area to narrow down your search. In case your are looking for a specific project title please use the general search function on top of the page.

Tools for Awareness raising and Fund raising

Elinet developed tools for awareness raising and fund raising. Go the Tools page


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