Our Experts

Our Experts

Members of Elinet are experts in their field and they can choose to have their own Literacy Expert Page. We will make those pages available here. 
We want to expand our expertise, so become a member, participate and make your own Expert Page available.

Literacy Expert Thematic Working Group Literacy Expert
Christine Garbe Adolescent &
Disciplinary Literacy
Maria Lourdes
Dorothee Gaile   Maírin Wilson
Fabio Nascimbeni Digital Literacy Maírin Wilson
Jeroen Clemens   Iris Susana
Pires Pereira
Byeong-Young Cho   Colin Harrison
Carita Kiili    
Renate Valtin Early & Primary Literacy Eufimia Tafa
Sari Sulkunen International Literacy
William G. Brozo
Aydin Durgunoglu Lifelong Learning,
Multilingualism & Migration
Tiziana Mascia
Literacy Experts Elinet




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