Sandra Langer Expert Page

Sandra Langer Expert Page

Sandra Langer
Fields of expertise:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Literacy and Basic Education
  • Adult education
  • Second language acquisition (international/DaZ)
  • School improvement

Country: Germany

My fields of expertise include Second language acquisition in an international context as well as German as a Second Language (DaZ).
Since 2015, I have been extensively involved in the second language acquisition of students and adults. This involvement began with the four-year project “Systematic School Progress Monitoring of Newly Immigrated Secondary School Students with German as a Second Language.”
In the years 2022-23, I orchestrated the Action Research Project SeZAR, focused on ‘Language promotion via an emotional approach and the development of resilience,’ in collaboration with the international class of a local secondary school.
Most recently, my research has been concentrated on Digital Literacy, Adult Education, and Basic Education. In our ongoing fundamental research project GediG (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education), we are investigating the determinants of success in the utilization of digital media in Adult Basic Education.
Concurrently, I have explored the utilization of VR technology in courses aimed at the integration, German language acquisition, and career orientation of refugees, for which I conducted an evaluation.

Currently, I work as senior lecturer and as a research associate at the Department of Educational Science at the University of Education Weingarten (Germany).

German (native), English (C2), French (C2), Spanish (A2), Russian (A2), Italian (A2)

Memberships in professional organizations and expert groups
• Membership in the Association European Literacy Policy Network (ELINET)
• Membership in the American Educational Research Association (AERA)
• Member of ECER (European Conference on Educational Research) network 6, co-convenor for ERC (Emerging Researchers’ Conference)
• Member of the Community of Practice (CoP) DigComp European Union
• Membership in the Community for Basic Education in the Digital Transformation (German expert group)
• Membership in the expert group Adult Basic Education at the University of Education Weingarten (Germany)
• Jury member of the school award in Vorarlberg, Austria
• Member of the examination board of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Augsburg and Swabia (Germany)

Short CV (Education, Training, Career)
Selected publications
Projects (Research and practice projects)

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