Omoguru. Promising Practice Example #3

Omoguru. Promising Practice Example #3

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Country:    Croatia               

Age Group: 6-12 years 

Content Area

  • Fostering basic reading skills 
  • Using digital devices to foster reading for pleasure


Omoguru is a software that enables each user to adjust reading materials to his specific needs by choosing aspects of the visual appearance of a text. The reader may adjust visual aspects of a text which help differentiate letters, decode words, and thus practise fluent reading. The app Omoguru Reader is preloaded with more than 45 000 free e-books from Project Gutenberg and over 170 reading passages with comprehension questions for grades 3 – 8.

The reader first chooses the text and – with Omotype the font type. Each type (from A to E) has a bit longer necks (ascenders) and tails (descenders). After that, the text may be fitted according to the specific needs of the reader. These features are:

  • font size
  • marking syllables (with different colours)
  • adjusting text line heights and space between the letters to make the text less dense 
  • background colour
  • marking mirror letters to avoid mental rotation.

Users can also add their own books or documents. Also, they can take a note from a text they are reading and save them for later.

The app supports the school and independent reading needs of struggling readers aged 0 – 16 but also works for adults. The main features of the app are free. 

Project Website:

Project Materials/ Examples: 

The software Omoguru provides different tools: 

  • OmoType font (free for personal use and schools, 
  • Omoguru Reader – mobile app ( 
  • Omoguru plugin (free for use,;

The website provides information and guidance for the use of the apps, addressing different target groups (students, parents, reading specialists, teachers, companies and governments). Two video tutorials show how to use the Omoguru tools.

Omoguru Reader is currently under expansion into Progressive Web Applications PWA called Lexie. Lexie is an e-book reader and content management platform 

that enables the use of a wide range of digital and printed content, content creation, and sharing in a smooth individually adjusted reading environment.



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