Augmented Reality als Brücke Promising Practice Example #11

Augmented Reality als Brücke Promising Practice Example #11

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Augmented Reality als Brücke von analogen zu digitalen Lese- und Schreibwelten
Augmented Reality as a bridge from analogue to digital worlds of reading and writing 

Country:    Austria               

Age Group: 6-12 years 

Content Area: 

  • Fostering basic reading skills 
  • Fostering writing and communication skills
  • Using digital devices as a medium for coding and programming, a “playground” for learning and developing a variety of creative digital-based skills.


This example of good practices applies the principles of augmented reality to teach analogue reading and writing. As a part of the project, teachers will create innovative lessons and instructions using Augmented Reality tools. The learners themselves are the creators not just users in the digital world. After they have picked up information and written non-fiction texts, they can publish their text documents, and audio files, in a digital way. Their texts are available digitally in real places by using the AR App. The learners also have access to files and documents created by other learners. The project can be compared in a wide range with the game Pokémon Go but as a text-based version. The project is built on research and theory on augmented reality and explores how learners move from virtual worlds to physical texts.

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