Lexia Core5 Reading. Good Practice Example #5

Lexia Core5 Reading. Good Practice Example #5

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Project Title:    Lexia Core5 Reading           

Country: United Kingdom               

Age Group: 3 – 10 years

Content Area

  • Digital tools for fostering emergent literacy
  • Fostering both basic and higher-level reading skills.
  • Support for children with dyslexia.


Lexia is a commercial EDTECH product. It is an Independent Learning System originally developed in the USA for children with dyslexia and is now in use in several areas in Britain and Ireland as a catch-up intervention. Lexia is predominantly phonics-based, beginning at the initial letter level, and includes a simple comprehension element. Lexia literacy skills programs are designed to provide scalable personalised learning to students of all ages and abilities, without impacting teaching time and resources.

Learners engage in instructional experiences guided by findings from classroom-based intervention research that points to the importance of an explicit, systematic, structured, and engaging approach to instruction in these component skills. Following a placement unit, students work through the system independently and at their own pace. Teachers need to give initial guidance on using it, teach and reinforce some units, and mainly oversee and monitor how their pupils are getting on. 
Lexia is a commercial product.

Project Website: 


Project Materials/ Examples: 

Lexia Core5 Reading Programme follows a blended learning approach, and in addition to the online activities includes 1000+ offline (printable) resources such as scripted lesson plans and student independent practice materials.  These can be accessed through the myLexia® teacher portal.  Examples of these offline resources can be found at: 


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