Surfing licence. Promising Practice Example #9

Surfing licence. Promising Practice Example #9

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Surfing licence – the driving licence for the Internet           

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Country:      Germany           

Age Group: 6-12 years

Content Area

  • Fostering high-level reading skills 
  • Effective use of tools and strategies for reading online 
  • Fostering writing and communication skills
  • Advice/guidelines for educators 


The Internet ABC is a way to get started on the Internet. As an online guide, it offers concrete assistance and information on how to use the World Wide Web responsibly. With explanations, tips and tricks, the advertising-free platform is aimed at children aged five to twelve, parents and educators.
For the target group of teachers, Internet-ABC provides teaching materials free of charge (based on the interactive learning modules) as well as tips for using the various offers of Internet-ABC in the classroom and further information on the topic of “school children and media”.
With the help of the surfing licence, the knowledge learned from the learning modules can then be “checked”. In this way, a teacher can see where there are still gaps in knowledge. However, the surfing licence can also be used as a first step to assess the children’s general level of knowledge.
For teachers who are not yet familiar with the Internet-ABC, an online training course has been specially developed to provide an initial insight into the overall offer.

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