MOBEYBOU. Promising Practice Example #5

MOBEYBOU. Promising Practice Example #5

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MOBEYBOU – Moving Beyond Boundaries: Designing Narrative Learning in the Digital Era               

Country: Portugal                   

Age Group: 3 – 6 years

Content Area:

  • Digital tools for fostering emergent literacy 
  • Fostering high-level reading skills
  • Using digital devices to foster reading for pleasure


The Mobeybou Project creates and explores pedagogical tools that foster the development of children’s digital, multimodal and multicultural narrative competencies. Mobeybou comprises various tools that complement each other, i.e. a digital manipulative, a digital storyboard and a set of story apps. The digital manipulative uses physical blocks that represent story elements for children to manipulate digital content. These blocks communicate with a computer device via Bluetooth, displaying the visual narratives on the device’s screen. Except for the landscapes, all the story elements have specific animated actions (including ambient and background sounds) that are interactively triggered by the users. The visual narratives unfold according to the combination of blocks that the children connect to each other while verbalizing the stories they construct, which may be recorded on spot. Such storytelling processes can be collaborative. Besides the digital manipulative, the Mobeybou kit offers a digital version, the storyMaker that can be used without the blocks. Mobeybou currently offers eight cultural sets of story elements representing different world cultures, namely Portugal, Germany, Turkey, India, Brazil, China, Angola and Cape Verde. Each cultural set comprises a landscape, two protagonists, an animal, an antagonist, a musical instrument and a magical object, which children can freely mix to create their multicultural narratives. Each of these sets is complemented by a set of cultural story apps, providing children with additional information about the culture, aimed at feeding their imagination and supporting their narrative creation. The apps are free for download. In other words, the digital manipulative and the storyMaker are tools for embodied, collaborative and playful storytelling, while the story apps present interactive, multimodal and multicultural stories aimed to inform children’s own creativity.

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