Tiziana Mascia

Tiziana Mascia

Tiziana Mascia, Adj. Prof, University of Urbino

Fields of expertise

Tiziana Mascia has a Ph.D. in General Pedagogy, Social Pedagogy, and General Education from the Free University of Bozen where she conducted research in the field of reading literacy and children’s literature. She is Adjunct Professor of Literacy Education and teaches Children’s Literature at the Faculty of Education, University of Urbino. She is the founder and chairperson of Associazione Literacy Italia – Study and training center – where she coordinates in-service projects for the professional development of teachers and collaborates with international networks promoting literacy and children’s literature in Europe.
Her current research interests center on children’s literature and digital media, literacy and digital literacy for children and pre-adolescents. Her work also involves developing distance learning programs particularly targeting areas in Italy where there is a significant need for educational training (Mascia, T. (2020). I percorsi del lettore. Ed. Sinestesie). Within this context, it has been developed the programme Invito alla lettura – Rai Cultura: an online course for teacher’s training which focuses on literacy skills development and uses tv and web tv to promote literacy: Invito alla Lettura – RAI

Institution / Country

Adj. Prof., Faculty of Education, University of Urbino, Italy.

Chairperson of “Associazione Literacy Italia” recognized by the MIUR in Italy.


Italian (mother tongue), English (C2), French (B1), German (A2).

Membership and functions in professional organizations:


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