Tiziana Mascia

Tiziana Mascia

Tiziana Mascia, PhD, University of Bozen – Bolzano

Fields of expertise
My fields of expertise include in-service training and professional development of teachers in reading literacy. I investigated the relationship between teacher preparation in literacy pedagogy and students outcomes, also in environments with high concentration of immigrant students at higher risk of social exclusion.

More recently, my research has focused on developing distance learning programs to disseminate new literacy knowledge achieved today through the international studies to reach a wide audience and those areas of the country (Italy) where there is the greatest need for educational training. In this context, it has been developed the programme Invito alla lettura – Rai Cultura: an online course for teacher’s training which focuses on literacy skills development and uses tv and web tv to promote literacy (https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/invitoallalettura  https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/invitoallaletturabibliotechescolasticheeletturaaumentata  https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/invitoallaletturaformarelettoriindipendenti).

Institution / Country

Research Assistant, Faculty of Education, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.

Research project coordinator of “MEL Model for Literacy Education” in partnership with the Centre for Books and Reading, Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism in Italy.


Italian (mother tongue), English (C2), French (B1), German (A2).

Membership and functions in professional organizations:

  • member of the Management Board of ELINET (European Literacy Policy Network) and co-chair of the thematic working group on Lifelong Learning, Multilingualism and Migration;
  • member of FELA (Federation of European Literacy Associations);
  • chairperson of ALI (Associazione Literacy Italia);
  • editorial Board of Pepeverde children’s literature magazine;
  • editorial Board of Libri e Riviste d’Italia – Journal of Reading and Literacy.


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