Learning Management System Promising Practice Example #7

Learning Management System Promising Practice Example #7

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Enhancing multiple literacies through a Learning Management System

Country: Greece                   

Age Group:    3-6 years; 6-12 years

Content Area:  

  • Digital tools for fostering emergent literacy 
  • Effective use of tools and strategies for reading online 
  • Fostering writing and communication skills


This is an online course about the history of the Minoan Crete for pre-schoolers (children 5-6 years old) and children attending the first two primary school years (children 7-8 years old). The course has been created on Moodle Learning Management System, and the children complete the course assignments at home with the help of their parents.

The course aims at developing procedural knowledge on history, multiliteracies (i.e. multimodal literacy and communication), digital literacy and disciplinary knowledge construction practices. For example, children are introduced to the science of archaeology and excavations and are taught how to develop inquiry-based knowledge by drawing data from excavation findings. Through the presentation of the Minoan era’s myths and legends, children are guided to distinguish fiction from historical facts. The theoretical parts of the course are enhanced by knowledge quizzes and other digital games and activities. At the end of each unit, children are asked to upload a piece of multimodal work (e.g. create a poster, or write a report which includes photographs taken by the children themselves).

The course includes a glossary, bibliography, and a reference list, and there are recommendations for extension work and things children can do with their parents in their spare time. This course enhances children’s digital literacy skills and knowledge and multiple literacies in general. The data and feedback collected show the course successfully introduced learners to digital learning and cultivated positive attitudes toward the demands of digital literacy.

Project Website: 


Project Materials/ Examples

The course is available at the database of Open Educational Resources Commons: https://www.oercommons.org/courses/the-minoan-civilization-the-knossos-palace


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